Terms and Conditions

     VIAHART Terms & Conditions for Retails Distributors in the USA

    1. MOQs
      1. Minimum order quantity is $200. You get better pricing the more you spend in one shot.
      2. You can order retail price with no MOQ here: https://www.viahart.com/
    2. Pricing
      1. Let us know and we will send you a csv file with prices.
      2. Our pricing fluctuates according to the prices we pay our suppliers. It may rise or fall. Generally it will rise with inflation.
      3. All pricing includes the cost of shipping to your location from our warehouse in TX, USA zip code 78634.
      4. Pricing includes pallets, wrapping, labels etc., but does not include any other special requirements you may have. We may need to charge additional for that.
      5. Discounts are calculated using the wholesale price from lower quantity tier, not retail prices. If the wholesale price for orders between $200 and $500 is $10 and you buy 50 units, you will get the lower pricing for the $500 to $1000 tier.
      6. Each discount tier only applies to one shipping address. Example: if you're ordering for two different addresses and want the $1000+ pricing discount, then you must order $1000+ at each location.
    3. Shipping
      1. 1-3 business days to ship. When shipped, 1-5 business days to arrive.
      2. We use FedEx Ground and for large shipments, LTL freight.
      3. All orders that meet the $200 MOQ are FREE SHIPPING. 
    4. Terms
      1. All orders must be prepaid prior to packing and shipping.
      2. Credit card is fine, but if you do a credit card we prefer to do the transaction through our website.
      3. We strongly prefer to avoid Net 60 or Net 30 purchases, but if you must use them, you can order from our Faire store on the button below:
  1. Stock
    1. We don’t guarantee that we have stock and the item can be sold while you haven’t paid for the order.
  2. Testing
    1. We guarantee that our products are compliant with all United States testing (CPSIA/CPSC/ASTM).
  3. Samples (to USA)
    1. Qualified Distributors: Free, just give us your address.
    2. Non-Qualified Distributors Such As New Startups: Please buy. We will reimburse sample cost on your first wholesale MOQ order.
  4. Refunds and returns
    1. We do returns and refunds for manufacturer's defects only.
  5. Tax
          1. No sales tax for resellers, schools, and charities.

  6. Selling Channels
          1. We sell on Amazon, eBay and Walmart ourselves, therefore do not allow our resellers to sell on those platforms.

  7. Other questions?
    1. Contact us!

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